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Worst Class Trip Ever (Castaways #1) (paperback) Sandy Beech

Worst Class Trip Ever (Castaways #1) (paperback) Sandy Beech

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Think it would be fun to get stuck on a deserted island with the guy you sort of like? Well, try adding the girl who gets on your nerves big-time (and who's crushing on the same guy), the bossiest kid in school, your annoying little brother, and a bunch of other people. Oh, and have I mentioned that there's no way off this island, and no one knows where you are?
Still sound great? Didn't think so.

Now all I have to worry about is getting elected island leader while keeping my crush away from Little Miss Priss. Oh, and one other teeny-tiny little thing: surviving.

Get me outta here!

October 2023

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