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Why the Nativity? (paperback) David Jeremiah

Why the Nativity? (paperback) David Jeremiah

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Why do Christians make a big deal about an obscure baby born in a small town, Bethlehem? Why Bethlehem? Why Jesus? Why does it make a difference to me? In this book, David Jeremiah explains in his hallmark style for both believers and skeptics alike why it's important to examine again the birth of that baby, Jesus. With the publicity surrounding New Line Cinema's The Nativity Story movie this fall, you'll want this book. It's at just the right price to give away to people who are searching for the real meaning of Christmas.
In short: Evangelism tool supporting the release of the major motion picture, 
The Nativity Story this Christmas season. Bulk church cases available at special discount to help stores form partnerships with local churches. 25 questions and answers and 25 Scripture readings to coincide with the Advent season.


January 2024

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