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The Zebra Wall (paperback) Kevin Henkes

The Zebra Wall (paperback) Kevin Henkes

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When ten-year-old Adine's mother has a new baby, eccentric Aunt Irene comes to stay and shares Adine's bedroom—events that require a great deal of adjustment.

The Vorlob family is making preparations. Preparations for the new baby, soon to arrive.

Getting ready includes painting a mural in the baby's nursery and making a list of possible names. Adine, age ten, is used to the routine—she has four sisters already: Bernice, Carla, Dot, and Effie.

This time, however, the routine is broken. In more ways than one. Most significantly, Aunt Irene will be staying with the Vorlobs until Mrs. Vorlob is rested and back on her feet.

Aunt Irene arrives, as does the baby, but nothing goes quite as expected. Especially for Adine.

October 2023

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