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The Polar Chase Book 11 (Paperback) Cap Daniels

The Polar Chase Book 11 (Paperback) Cap Daniels

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When American covert operative Chase Fulton and his team suppress a mass shooting attempt in the tiny coastal town he calls home, the realization of how deadly his life has become sends him on a journey to separate himself from that violence and save his relationship with the woman he loves. The laid-back holiday promises to rekindle the relationship and heal old wounds until a brutal attack leaves a beloved friend fighting for her life. Chase has no choice but to put his experience, training, and lethal skill set back into action to find and eliminate the threat.This time, though, his foe is fiercer, more experienced, and knows every trick in Chase’s book. The only solution is to play by a new set of rules, one with terrifying results orchestrated by an old enemy turned ally. As the depravity and brutality of the attackers is turned back against them in an unexpected late-night assault, the decades-old truth of their intentions is revealed. Former American operatives turned self-serving outlaws, thirty-year-old grudges, greed, and Vietnam-era tactics combine to create a mystery only Chase and his team can solve.From the subtropics of coastal Florida to the rugged and unforgiving backcountry of the Appalachian Mountains, this action-packed thrill ride promises to deliver historical insight into modern-day evils and leave you gasping for breath.

September 2023

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