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The Orphan of Ellis Island (paperback) Elvira Woodruff

The Orphan of Ellis Island (paperback) Elvira Woodruff

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One day, on a class trip to Ellis Island, Dominic Cantori faces his worst fantsty--a tour guide asks the children about their families. But Dominic is an orphan, living his entire life with one foster family after another and has no family to call his own. Not wanting to be part of this conversation, Dominic flees from his class and hides in the museum until everyone leaves and it's dark and deserted. Now, his only solace is the recorded voices on the display telephones of the immigrants who came to Ellis Island so long ago. But to Dominic's surprise, the voice of the Italian immigrant suddenly begins to speak directly to him! And before he knows it, he's transported back in time--to Italy in 1908. There he unlocks the door to his past, where he discovers what it means to be loved--and to be part of a family!

October 2023

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