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The Haunted House (Choose Your Own Adventure) (Paperback) R.A. Montgomery

The Haunted House (Choose Your Own Adventure) (Paperback) R.A. Montgomery

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Choose Your Own Adventure The Haunted House is an interactive adventure gamebook in which YOU decide what happens next. If you follow your dog Homer into the house, will you meet a ghost or ghoul? Do you trust the unicorn to fly you over the moon?

Your dog (and best friend), Homer has run into a spooky haunted house. Following him begins a mysterious journey filled with dark tunnels, a hidden movie theater, and magical animals—even a crying crocodile! The Haunted House is one of CYOA’s bestselling horror books for younger readers.

Choose Your Own Adventure is the bestselling gamebook series of all time. Empowering generations of children through choice, it is widely commended for its appeal to reluctant readers.

April 2023

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