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The Bearer : Forgiving As Christ (Paperback) M. William Ury

The Bearer : Forgiving As Christ (Paperback) M. William Ury

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The forgiver, the bearer, must know their standing in Christ and say, “I am here, I am the one who has received this wrong, but I am the one who must allow Jesus to deal with it in me.” This book takes the command of Jesus to forgive seriously and realistically. It is quite common to hear Christians say that they long to be like Christ, but when it comes to forgiveness the desire for that likeness seems to wane. To be like Christ is to receive the orientation of His heart. If a person wants to be as Christ in this world full on sin’s brokenness we must be willing to allow Him to pour His love into our hearts so that we might bear those who offend us in our hearts. The process, the bearing and the openness which forgiveness comprises is no mere transaction. It is a sharing in the very bearing of the heart of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING: "How encouraging to see a theologian who maintains that interpersonal relations are determinative factors in one’s Christian life. Ury turns to Jesus to make his case. The texts he uses will probably be surprising to many readers. An honest look at the questions, implicit and explicit, raised by Jesus will give the Holy Spirit an opportunity to give the reader a good push toward that personal holiness without which, according to the Bible, one cannot see God. Give this a try. It will be worth it." Dr. Dennis F. Kinlaw President, Francis Asbury Society Past President, Asbury College "Within the human experience nothing is more obvious than our need for forgiveness. Yet, I suspect, few subjects are less understood. Bill Ury, a scholar with rare spiritual sensitivity, comes to grips with its meaning in this book. He writes from the heart with penetrating insight and compassion. It is a soul-searching, refreshing read." Dr. Robert E. Coleman Distinguished Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

June 2023

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