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The Abridgment of Christian Divinitie (Paperback) Johannes Wolleb

The Abridgment of Christian Divinitie (Paperback) Johannes Wolleb

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Excerpt from The Abridgment of Christian Divinitie: So Exactly and Methodically Compiled, That It Leads Us, as It Were by the Hand to the Reading of the Holy Scriptures, Ordering of Common Places, Understanding of Controversies, Clearing of Some Cases of Conscience

Foras it concernes e very Chnfiian to he'skilleel-in'the ehiéf Chatechifireal heads atleafi, that, theirfhelpflnd the gi'eziter pro readgods Word; (0 it becomes all Students in Di vnnty, before all things to 11111) their mehlories' the 111141n of the Body of 'i bevléfgie; that ih the C ommoft places in the definitions and Divifi 1. One of heave1 they may he wait and per Now in this kind di vers eminent me11,~furnifl1ed with a far greater meafure of Spiritual 'uneiz'on than my (elf, hayevaiforded fueh helps to yonng Students, that he,who goes a. Bout to adde any. Thing to thefe will feem to light a Candle at upon-day.


January 2024

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