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Table for Two (Paperback) Mona Corwin, Amy Pierson

Table for Two (Paperback) Mona Corwin, Amy Pierson

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Table for Two: Doing Life and Savoring Scripture Together  Amazing! Grab your daughter, mother, or best friend and a cup of joe. Your going to love this format for growing together in God's word. The Bible Study Tool is like no other, easy to do and perfect framework for discipling or mentoring anyone.  But it is so much more!!! This book builds relationships as Mothers see their daughters grasp the word. And Daughters see their mothers as more than teachers but fellow sisters who love God too. Hands down everyone will grow as they aren't spoon fed truth but find it for themselves. It's truly like no other study. The results will have you wanting to use it with everyone you know, even the men in your life. We have seen complete families of women come together and grow together with God and each other. 

  • Six weeks of side-by-side study for Moms&Daughters, Mentors/Mentees, Grandma's/Granddaughters
  • Introductory chapters that explain how to do work this amazing Bible Study Tool
  • Bonus activities for weekly meetings that foster your relationships and laugh a little
  • Both Mom and Daughter will begin to study Scripture for themselves instead of being dependent on someone being in charge.
  • Versatile design and basic structure provides opportunity for ministry in a variety of settings, including mother-daughter encounters, ministry within sororities, intergenerational discipleship, and/or small groups.
  • Sets the framework for one-on-one discipleship


January 2024

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