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Noonie Tails Christmas (paperback) Lynn Claire Rayborn

Noonie Tails Christmas (paperback) Lynn Claire Rayborn

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The perfect gift for any kid or any pet lover who loves Christmas! Get ready this is the first of the Noonie Tails Series with many more fun adventures to tag along with Noonie on! In these books live action photos were taken and Noonie had so much fun being in these pictures! Noonie loves being in the spotlight and making others smile.

Enjoy Noonie Tails Christmas:

Get ready! Noonie Tails is here with an excitting adventure that will make your Christmas extra special!

Yes there has always been Santa, elves, and reindeer. Did you also know that Noonie is a new addition to the Christmas family?! Be on the lookout this holiday, you may just see her yourself! No dream is too big to dream. Anything is possible with Noonie by your side!


November 2023

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