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Missy (Paperback) Randy Pierce

Missy (Paperback) Randy Pierce

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A college party Wayne Jacobs and the love of his life, Missy Vance, did not really want to attend. A final beer Wayne did not need before he got behind the wheel. A horrific crash which killed Missy and, in many ways, destroyed Wayne, a beloved young man from a good Leakesville, Mississippi, family with a bright future. Today, as the crusty, hardscrabble roofer goes about his business and lives out his life, a cloud of despair those close to him can almost reach out and touch hangs over his head. Though Wayne paid his debt to society, spending twenty years behind bars at the state penitentiary in the Mississippi Delta, he just cannot let go of the guilt. Reminders of Missy are everywhere, not the least of which is her still-grieving and angry mother, Margie, an elderly woman in poor health who lives just minutes away and has not spoken to Wayne since the accident. Then Lacy Chamberlin hits town. It gets back to Wayne that the young journalist from Memphis has a fascination with the thirty-year-old accident and the accompanying fallout. Horrified when even his mother and their pastor agree to discuss what happened, Wayne angrily refuses to respond when Lacy begins leaving messages for him. What Wayne does not know is that Lacy Chamberlin carries a secret, a significant one. Her goal is not just to ask Wayne a few penetrating questions, but unburden herself in a way that will turn his life upside down all over again. A hard-hitting, spellbinding tale of loss, grief, and redemption with characters so real they feel like your own friends, neighbors, and adversaries, Missy will make you laugh, cry, and think about what is really important in life ... and why it is so crucial that we learn to forgive.


May 2024

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