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Lincoln the Unknown (Hardcover) Dale Carnegie

Lincoln the Unknown (Hardcover) Dale Carnegie

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The Unknown Lincoln is a biography on Abraham Lincoln, written in 1932 by Dale Carnegie. The book offers an inspiring glimpse into Lincoln’s legendary life: the hardships of his early years, the difficulties of his White House days, his tragicomic marriage, and the war with the South. Abraham Lincoln, a farm boy, becomes the President of the United States. He travels miles to borrow books; reading being the dominant passion of his for quarter of a century. He mourns the loss of his first love his whole life. He humors his colleagues in the White House, and lives with the difficulties of the marriage with his second love, while in war with the South. Lincoln The Unknown By Dale Carnegie Actually, book is really a home window to the world. Also many people might not appreciate reviewing publications; the books will certainly always offer the exact info about reality, fiction, encounter, journey, politic, faith, as well as a lot more. We are below a site that provides collections of books more than guide store.

June 2023

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