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Jesus Mean and Wild (Hardback) Mark Galli

Jesus Mean and Wild (Hardback) Mark Galli

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Many Christians are used to the idea of a meek and mild Jesus, the stereotypical "nice guy." Countering these all too prevalent notions, Mark Galli offers a unique study of seventeen troubling passages from the Gospel of Mark to prove we should be anything but comfortable with Christ.
Highlighting the undeniable fact of an untamable and often militant Messiah, Galli gives readers a training manual in spiritual growth to awaken sleeping believers and transform them into devoted disciples. Hinging on the compelling nature of the love of God, he explains how this mean and wild Jesus shows us truer love than our pleasant construct ever could. Striking and bold, always rooted in Scripture, 
Jesus Mean and Wild will put readers on the road to true discipleship. Now available in trade paper.



Janaury 2024

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