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Jerusalem, Jerusalem (Paperback) James Carroll

Jerusalem, Jerusalem (Paperback) James Carroll

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Constantine's Sword comes a richly layered history of Jerusalem, the ancient city at the epicenter of the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim experience.

Jerusalem: the ancient City on a Hill, a place central to three major religions, a transcendent fantasy that ignites religious fervor unlike anywhere else on earth. James Carroll’s urgent, masterly Jerusalem, Jerusalem uncovers the history of the city and explores how it came to define culture in both the Middle East and America. Carroll shows how the New World was shaped by obsessions with Jerusalem, from Christopher Columbus’s search for a westward route to the city, to the fascination felt by American presidents from Abraham Lincoln to Ronald Reagan.

Heavenly Jerusalem defines the American imagination―and always the earthly city smolders. Jerusalem fever, inextricably tied to Christian fervor, is the deadly, unnamed, third party to the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts. Understanding this fever is the key that unlocks world history, and the diagnosis that gives us our best chance to reimagine peace.

“Provocative . . . the book brims with splendid insights.” ―
 Los Angeles Times

“I dare you to read this book and see Jerusalem, or yourself, the same way. ―Bernard Avishai, author of
 The Hebrew Republic

"So provocative and illuminating that it should not be overlooked by anyone who cares about the future of Jerusalem."―
Jewish Journal


July 2022

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