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Growth Spurts: Growing Through Motherhood (paperback) Carrie Bevell Partridge

Growth Spurts: Growing Through Motherhood (paperback) Carrie Bevell Partridge

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For ten years, Carrie Bevell Partridge wrote her "Growth Spurts" column for Parents & Kids magazine, documenting the milestones, celebrations, and challenges that she and her husband Kevin encountered while parenting their five children. With each monthly article, Carrie wrote humorous and heartwarming stories and, more importantly, shared what she learned through each experience.

This book contains every "Growth Spurts" article Carrie wrote. As parents read, they will find themselves nodding in understanding, laughing in familiarity, and possibly crying in nostalgia. The hope is that they will gain insight through these stories and will begin to recognize opportunities for their own growth spurts.

Motherhood has provided an environment for abundant growth and learning for Carrie. She writes to encourage other parents in their own journeys and to remind them that they are not alone.


November 2023

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