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Eyes of Gold : The Calvarymen Book 1 of 3 (paperback) Adam Lee Love

Eyes of Gold : The Calvarymen Book 1 of 3 (paperback) Adam Lee Love

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The Calvarymen Book 1 of 3


Our world was perfect in every way, but when evil entered the hearts of man, there was an outbreak of war and chaos. When all seemed lost, a wise group of beings called the Nephilim entered the region. No one knew where they came from. A gifted race of power, the Nephilim brought order to the realm. They were superior to the people of Qanas, and placed themselves as kings. These Nephilim leaders were called Centurions, and through them, peace endured for centuries. However, in time, their greed for more power caused a civil war among the Centurion leaders. Knowing the Centurions could not be trusted, three kingdoms broke away and headed far to the north during the war. After the war, the grand capital Fenris was rebuilt. One Centurion remains, ruling all of Qanas and the neighboring lands, using the people as his footstool to conquer all in his way. To ensure his reign would not be cut short, he killed all siblings and descendants of the Nephilim...except one, who must choose his own fate.


May 2023

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