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Even Deadlier : A Sequel to the 7 Deadly Sins Sampler (Paperback) Lindsay Tigue

Even Deadlier : A Sequel to the 7 Deadly Sins Sampler (Paperback) Lindsay Tigue

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Sin just got deadlier. Even Deadlier: A Sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins Sampler, delivers fourteen MORE of the best short stories ever written about seven of the worst human foibles. A collection that ignites the moral imagination and sparks rich discussion.

Comes with discussion questions for book groups and courses, as well as a foreword written by Al Gini, professor, author and Resident Philosopher on NPR, Chicago. EXCERPT: "And so we offer here fourteen more stories, a follow-up to The Seven Deadly Sins Sampler, by a group of equally distinguished writers. The stories in Even Deadlier offer all kinds of perspectives on the amazing, fabulous, and sometimes grotesque range of possibilities for human behavior in this life. The stories offer a window to the human heart, clues about the moral life. "

EDITORIAL REVIEW: "These fourteen stories by renowned writers, some famous and some not, amount to two stories for each day of the week, two for each of the sins pronounced deadly by Pope Gregory the Great. And what are the wages of reading and contemplating those notorious transgressions? Ah, pleasure! Pleasure without guilt or consequence and then some nonfatal glimmers of wisdom, too. Another excellent collection from the Great Books Foundation." Julia Spicher Kasdorf, professor of creative writing, Pennsylvania State University, and author of Eve's Striptease.

May 2023

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