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Blue and Gray (Hardcover) Edward Stratemeyer

Blue and Gray (Hardcover) Edward Stratemeyer

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Scene I. Parlor in Mr. Raymond's house. Mr. and Mrs. R. sitting at table l. c. Mr. Raymond reading. Mrs. Raymond sewing. Peyton and Edith playing chess at table r. h. Mr. Raymond. Mother, there is no doubt that these papers are determined to bring about a war between the North and the South. Mrs. R. The papers, husband? Mr. R. Yes, I repeat it, the papers; what earthly cause is there for internecine warfare between us and our brethren at the South? Why, Mrs. R, why should we imbrue our hands in our brothers blood? Why should we interfere and that reminds me of what the Judge said. Peyton. A side. Yes; the Judge knows. Mrs. R. But, husband, do you not think there must soon be a crisis; that the institution of slavery Mr. R. There, there, mother; the old story slavery, slavery. Now, Mrs. Raymond, this is my idea, and ahem! it is the Judge s, we have lived in peace for upwards of eighty years, despite of slavery, which, mark me, I admit to be a fearful sin, but why can we not shut our eyes to this one sin, and still live in peace? Now, madam, I await a reply.

June 2023

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