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Beach Road (Hardcover) James Patterson and Peter de Jonge

Beach Road (Hardcover) James Patterson and Peter de Jonge

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Tom Dunleavy has a one-man (and one-dog) law firm in the richest resort town in America - legendary East Hampton, summer home to billionaires and megacelebrities. But his job barely keeps him in paper clips. His clients come from the year-rounders he grew up with, the people who make a living serving the rich. The movie moguls, models, and corporate honchos who swam the beaches every summer already have lawyers on their payroll.
Then an old friend of Tom's, a local star athlete, is arrested for a triple murder on the beach near a movie star's mansion. Tom knows in his gut that Dante Halleyville is innocent. Dante asks Tom to represent him in what could be the new Trial of the Century, and for the first time, Tom is on the spot and in the public eye.
Tom recruits Manhattan superlawyer Kate Costello to help fight this case. She's a tough hire, because Kate is his ex-girlfriend, and she's seen him at his worst - but she comes back. All the two have to do is discover who really executed three locals and why they went to such incredible lengths to set up Dante as the killer. Even as Tom wonders whether he can ever get Kate to forgive him for his past sins, the case takes on astonishing dimensions, revealing a world of illegal pleasures, revenge, and fear among the superrich. With the entire nation's eyes on him, Tom orchestrates a series of revelations to lure the real killer out of hiding - and what emerges is staggering. No could image a killer this ruthless.

April 2024

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