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A Worship-Woven Life (Paperback) Kathy DeGraw with Lauren DeGraw

A Worship-Woven Life (Paperback) Kathy DeGraw with Lauren DeGraw

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Have you longed for more in worship? Have you ever wondered why people worship the way that they do? Do you want to grow in intimacy and have encounters with the Lord? Kathy walked into a church one day and saw a person worshiping freely to the Lord. She said, "I want that, I want that freedom!" It led her on a journey to discover worship and grow closer to the Lord in worship. Through her worship experiences she has received revelation from the Lord, her fears were removed of what are people thinking of the way I am worshiping and she went from pew sitter to worshiper. In this book filled with practical application, encounters and scriptures learn how Kathy helped others go to a new level in worship and how you too can enhance your worship time!

August 2023

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