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60 Things God Said About Sex (Paperback) Lester Sumrall

60 Things God Said About Sex (Paperback) Lester Sumrall

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In many TV shows, the characters move from partner to partner, making sex the be-all and end-all of the male-female relationship. In many magazines, the advertised topics are centered on sex—good sex, better sex, more sex. The entertainment shows are focused on who’s having sex with who. Sex, sex, sex. It’s everywhere!
The only thing that seems to be a definite is that people are trying to find happiness through sexual relationships.
God created sex for a specific purpose—and created it good. The Bible candidly deals with sex—more so than many modern sex manuals!—and 
60 Things God Said about Sex is forthright in presenting the biblical view of sex as a gift from God, its intended use, and the spiritual parallel of a husband and wife’s sexual union as a symbol of the sacred consummation of Christ and His bride, the church.
In this straightforward explanation, Lester Sumrall will show you that the best way to have sex is God’s way. This book is perfect for couples about to get married, parents who think it’s about time to have “that talk” with their child, or anyone who finds that the world’s view of sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


December 2023

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