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Zombies, Fireballs, Snakes, Death, and Candy (Paperback) P. J Stetson

Zombies, Fireballs, Snakes, Death, and Candy (Paperback) P. J Stetson

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Apocalyptic mayhem. Sarcastic kids. Zombies in Halloween costumes. These are the ingredients for a hilarious, romping adventure!

A mysterious disc falls from the sky and gives Declan and his friends one hour to find something to stop the apocalypse. Too bad they don't understand what the annoying world-ending alien device actually wants them to find! Still, they like the world enough to try to save it. With a new catastrophe striking every ten minutes, a sarcastic nemesis hounding them, and zombies in Halloween costumes on the prowl, it won't be easy.

Young readers will love the funny, sarcastic humor and the intense action that never lets up. Parents will also love the coming-of-age themes of friendship, brotherhood, and self-esteem. With mystery, humor, and action rolled into one, this short science fiction story is sure to be a winner for any preteen, tween, or teen looking for a Halloween book with plenty of zombie action!
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