Your Ministry's Next Chapter: The Best is Yet to Come (Hardcover) Gary Fenton
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Your Ministry's Next Chapter: The Best is Yet to Come (Hardcover) Gary Fenton

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Your Ministry's Next Chapter is just like talking to a close friend, someone who is willing to share his life secrets with you, providing a candid look behind the cosmetics of the pastoral persona. If you are a pastor in or near mid-life, you'll find yourself in it. Read this book before you retire on the job."


Bob Buford, Founder of Leadership Network


Author of Half-time: Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance


Pastors are maturing. Deepening. They want substance for their congregations and nourishment for their own soul. THE PASTOR'S SOUL series unleashes pastors to do what really matters. To step beyond skills. To give of their unique gifts. To minister authentically and grow in the intangibles of ministry like integrity and character.






In this changing culture, pastors need to know about the changes of ministry at mid-life and how they can maintain or rediscover their call to serve God with passion and focus.


Pastors are not immune to the struggles of mid-life careers. Over the years many pastors slowly lose the full-hearted passion and vision of their original call to serve God. The tendency is to slow down, retire on the job, or stop growing. Like a low-grade temperature, its symptoms are difficult to detect and seldom get reported, but its effects are destructive and tragic. Longtime pastor Gary Fenton writes candidly about the changes of ministry at mid-life and how pastors can finish strong in the second half. He shows pastors how to keep their ministries vibrant at any age and how to use their gifts to their full potential.


"Drawing from his pilgrimage, Gary Fenton provides penetrating insights into numerous challenges facing mid-career ministers. The result is an easy-to-read story filled with encouraging, practical lessons applicable for ministers of all ages."


Dr. Bobby S. Terry, Editor, Journal of the Alabama Baptist State Convention