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WWII Campaigns 1939-43 (DVD)

WWII Campaigns 1939-43 (DVD)

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WWII Campaigns in the Pacific 1939-1943 - Pearl Harbor To The Gilberts! Campaigns in the Pacific chronicles the epic struggle of America and her allies against Imperial Japan: fighting vast air, land and sea battles across an ocean covering two-thirds of the world's surface. Waged against the background of the war in Europe, the Pacific campaign made WWII a truly global conflict. This DVD set takes you from the devastating surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, to the American and allied battles to recapture the Gilbert Islands of Makin and Tarawa. The outcome is far from certain as America rebuilds her Navy, ravaged by Japanese bombers at Pearl Harbor. With rare footage from the National Archives in Washington DC, Campaigns in the Pacific lets you experience the sights, sounds and drama of this brutal war.



July 2022

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