Who's Who in the Bible (Hardcover) International Ltd. Publishing
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Who's Who in the Bible (Hardcover) International Ltd. Publishing

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Who's Who in the Bible is a reference book designed as a companion to the Bible. The illustrated biographical dictionary has a listing for every individual mentioned in the Bible. Listed alphabetically, each of the nearly 4,000 entries includes this information:

  • The pronunciation and meaning of the person's name.
  • An approximate date of his or her historical significance.
  • The first biblical reference to the person (other references are often added at the end of the entry).
  • A description of the individual's role or degree of importance.

Who's Who in the Bible also presents about 400 extended biographies for selected individuals, including Jesus, Moses, Job, Peter, Esther, Isaiah, David, Delilah, Joshua, Gideon, Paul, and Ruth. The hardcover book includes many illustrations and depictions of biblical characters and events. An index aids readers in quickly finding specific entries.


April 2022