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Whitetail Nation : My Season in Pursuit of the Monster Buck (Hardcover) Pete Bodo

Whitetail Nation : My Season in Pursuit of the Monster Buck (Hardcover) Pete Bodo

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?You can?t go wrong with Pete Bodo?s new book Whitetail Nation: My Season in Pursuit of the Monster Buck . . . Bodo writes with humor and insight. The result is a book that is entertaining, educational and a fun read.??Orlando Sentinel

Whitetail Nation is the uproarious story of the season Pete Bodo set out to kill the big buck. From the rolling hills of upstate New York to the vast and unforgiving land of the Big Sky to the Texas ranches that feature high fences, deer feeders, and money-back guarantees, Bodo traverses deep into the heart of a lively, growing subculture that draws powerfully on durable American values?the love of the frontier, the importance of self-reliance, the camaraderie of men in adventure, the quest for sustained youth, and, yes, the capitalist?s right to amass every high tech hunting gadget this industry?s exploding commerce has to offer.

Gradually, Bodo closes in on his target?that elusive monster buck?and with each day spent perched in a deer stand or crawling stealthily in high grass (praying the rattlesnakes are gone) or shivering through the night in a drafty cabin (flannel, polar fleece and whiskey be damned), readers are treated to a hilarious and unforgettable tour through a landscape that ranges from the exalted to the absurd. Along the way Bodo deftly captures the spirit and passion of this rich American pursuit, tracing its history back to the days of Lewis and Clark and examining that age-old question?why do men hunt?

May 2023

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