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When the Dandelions Sing (paperback) James J. Hill III

When the Dandelions Sing (paperback) James J. Hill III

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His grammy, who nicknames him Jasper for some reason known only to her, and his grandad, give him valuable lessons through their own eyes, and a window to the past that sometimes gets overshadowed by bigger things in life, but never truly forgotten.


While Ronnie’s momma struggles with her life, he leans on others around him to gain perspective and a sense of understanding. He learns that even after people leave his world, their impact remains and he never stops learning from them. As it turns out, some of the best lessons in life come from those who seemingly have nothing left to give.


Ronnie learns that a family is not always conventional, but oftentimes made up of the people you choose for yourself, and who choose you in return. He discovers that joy can be found in the smallest of things and the simplest of moments…for even among a field of perfect flowers, the simple dandelion can sing.



November 2022

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