What Makes A Man (Hardcover-Large Print) Bill McCartney
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What Makes A Man (Hardcover-Large Print) Bill McCartney

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More than any other thing today, our society needs men who are willing to stand up and make a difference. Men who, having counted the cost, are willing to reflect the character of Jesus Christ in a world of negotiable values, confused identities, and distorted priorities.

But what does it take to be such a man? How does one become fully Christlike and fully masculine? That's the question Bill McCartney, head football coach for the University of Colorado Buffaloes, asks a group of well-respected Christian men in What Makes a Man?

Their answers, drawn from a broad range of experiences, difficulties, concerns, and ideals, all point to three common elements-conviction, integrity, and action.

Men who make a difference are men of conviction. They possess unwavering belief. Having stepped across the line, they will not be dragged back for any reason.

Men who make a difference are also men of integrity. By seeking to live their lives with ever-increasing sincerity and honesty, and by avoiding all expressions of deception, they develop both personal confidence and public trust.

Finally, men who make a difference are men of action. Not settling for good intentions, they coose to make a positive impact on their families, churches, coworkers, and communities.

But life is composed of many different (and often conflicting!) areas of responsibility, including: 1) Your relationship with God 2) The development of your character 3) Your marriage 4) Your family 5) Your place in the community 6) Your duties as a citizen of your country 7) You place in the Church 8) Your vocation 9) Your friendships 10) Your responsibilities to those in need 11) Your contributions to the future

Taken by themselves, any one of these facets of modern life could easily require full-time focus. So how is it possible to demonstrate conviction, integrity, and action across the board?

That's exactly what you'll discover in What Makes a Man? As you read through the challenging insights and examples presented, you'll come away with more than enough practical ideas to help you become the man you were designed to be. Because when a man decides to make a difference, he becomes a different man.


April 2022