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Walking the Disciple's Path (Paperback) Linda Perrone Rooney

Walking the Disciple's Path (Paperback) Linda Perrone Rooney

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Linda Perrone Rooney, experienced spiritual director and author of the popular Habits of the Soul


, brings over forty years of experience in pastoral leadership to bear as she offers readers an eight-step plan to living as disciples, translating head-knowledge of Christ into everyday action.

Walking the Disciple's Path challenges readers to live as disciples--actively putting into practice the values, behaviors, and teachings of Jesus. With exceptionally graceful prose, Rooney walks readers through the gospel, moving from understanding to transformation--from head to heart to action--combining the intellectual and spiritual "aha moments" that impel us to follow Christ more intentionally. Rooney eloquently describes eight scripturally based steps that lead readers to a change of heart: surrender yourself daily, live as a blessing, overcome violence, give for the right reasons, pray like Jesus, see the good in others, offer compassion and healing, and live without fear.

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