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Until the End (Hardcover) Harold Coyle

Until the End (Hardcover) Harold Coyle

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James and Kevin Bannon, the two brothers introduced in Look Away, continue to serve on opposing sides. James with the 4th Virginia Regiment and Kevin commanding a company in the 4th New Jersey. In their struggle to survive, their fear that one day they'd encounter each other on the battlefield was finally realized during the terrible conclusion of the third day at Gettysburg.
Now, in the bloody aftermath of that titanic struggle, James and Kevin continue their brutal and bloody experience of war. From the dark and inconclusive days of the Mine Run Campaign in the fall of 1863, through the terrible "Forty Days" that took the two armies from the Wilderness to the gates of Petersburg, the brothers soldier on. James, with Lee's Army, watches as it slowly bleeds itself to death defending a state he has come to love. Kevin, living with the realization that James is serving in the army his nation is committed to destroy, marches with the Army of the Potomac as he alternates between a desperate search for James and his terrible burden as an officer, leading men he has grown to love into bloody battles that will claim their lives.

May 2023

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