Totally God's (Paperback) Megan Clinton

Totally God's (Paperback) Megan Clinton

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Society's expectations for a teen girl's beauty, achievements, and attraction cause great stress and struggle. "Our hearts are truly on the line," says Megan Clinton, high school senior and coauthor with her father, counselor Tim Clinton. This father and daughter duo reveal to today's teens how their deepest longings are met when they rest in being God's girl.

Using teen-speak, comments of peers, Megan's diary entries, as well as solid, biblical teachings, Megan and Tim show every girl how to upgrade

  • uncertainties of fitting in with the certainty of belonging to God
  • impure sexual behavior with body confidence and self-worth
  • relationship, school, and family life drama with God's control

This engaging resource reveals the freeing truths every girl needs to know--and the truths that all parents, teachers, and mentors need to uphold as the standard for how they treat and inspire God's girls.