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Three Great Novels Of The Bronte Sisters (Paperback) Charlotte, Anne & Emily Bronte

Three Great Novels Of The Bronte Sisters (Paperback) Charlotte, Anne & Emily Bronte

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Raised in isolation in the lonely village of Haworth, high on the edge of the magnificent and brooding scenery of the Yorkshire moors, the three Brontë sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne, produced a collection of novels unique in English literature. Profound, mystical and passionate, these are stories which once read can never be forgotten.

Born of an Irish clergyman and a Cornish mother, the Celtic blood of the Brontë children asserted itself in haunting stories of enormous dramatic power.

The three great novels collected here are set in a beautiful but awe-inspiring landscape and they explore the darkest and most extreme emotions. To read this collection is to be swept up in some of the most highly-charged and memorable relationships ever portrayed, with heroes and heroines of unrivalled depth and complexity. Here are some of the most memorable characters in literature - Catherine Earnshaw, haunted by the death of her mother in child-birth; the mesmerising gypsy foundling Heathcliffe; the tragic Mr Rochester and his saviour Jane Eyre.

All three Brontë sisters died tragically young, but their writing - full of hunger, rebellion and rage - remains the unsurpassed summit of romantic fiction.




June 2023

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