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This is Christianity (paperback) Maxie D. Dunnam

This is Christianity (paperback) Maxie D. Dunnam

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These multiple-session video programs on DVD present popular authors talking informally about some of their best-selling books. The DVDs are ideal for introducing new readers to the book and for providing further enrichment, additional depth, and new stories for those who already know and love the book. Each DVD program offers:
- a brief "meet the author" segment
- multiple sessions, each centering on a 10-minute video segment of the author discussing a portion of the book
Between sessions, participants read the section of the book being discussed in the upcoming week. A separate Leader's Guide is included with discussion questions, activities, tips on group dynamics, and suggestions for adapting the program to a variety of settings and formats.
Planning Kit contains a DVD with seven 10-minute sessions, plus "Meet Maxie Dunnam"; one copy of This Is Christianity; and one copy of the video study Leader's Guide. The book explores such questions as:
- Who is God?
- What is my relationship to God?
- Who is Jesus?
- Why did Jesus come?
- What is sin?
- What is salvation?
- Who is the Holy Spirit?
- ...and more.

September 2023

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