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There Should Have Been Castles (Hardcover) Herman Raucher

There Should Have Been Castles (Hardcover) Herman Raucher

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They were young, bright, brassy. They were two scared kids in love – and reaching for the stars…

That’s how it was for Ben and Ginnie in 1951.
Ben, the writer who couldn’t seem to make it.
Ginnie, the dancer who couldn’t seem to miss.

Together the world was theirs for the asking.
In the exhilarating world of show biz,
from the neon glamour of New York to the starry glitter of Hollywood,
it was love and glory – pure, intense, and perfect – all the way.

Together they soared on wings of joy and laughter – until it all came flying apart.
Could an enchanted love like theirs end, become mere memory, when it deserved minstrels and bold knights on white chargers and pennants flapping gaily from tall towers?



October 2022

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