The Wealth of Choices (Hardcover) Alan Murray
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The Wealth of Choices (Hardcover) Alan Murray

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It's Not Your Father's Economy . . .

If Adam Smith were to visit the United States today, he would be a very happy man. That invisible hand he made famous in The Wealth of Nations two centuries ago is more limber and supple than ever. Indeed, competition in the New Economy is so intense and uncompromising that everyone, even Fortune 500 giants, must bend to it. All of this competition has lead to a wealth of choices about every aspect of our lives -- and a huge shift in how society works and who gets rewarded.

Alan Murray, the Washington bureau chief of The Wall Street Journal, shows how all of us can not only live in the New Economy, but thrive in it. The New Economy isn't just another buzz phrase, but an important change in our economic system, one that has meaning for everyone, not just the economic elite. It's creating a world in which all prices are fuzzy and everything is negotiable. If you know what you're doing, there are great gains to be made and great bargains to be had.

Starting with a thoughtful overview of how the New Economy works, Murray shows, chapter by chapter, what all of us can do to take advantage of the changes taking place in everything from health care to education to the workplace. The rules have changed -- and Murray's smart advice may surprise you:

Health Care: The most potentially traumatic change in the New Economy will be in the relationship between you and your doctor. Murray explains what you need to know to be an effective consumer in this ever-changing market.

Education: The price of a good education has gone sky high. But your mind is your most important investment. Murray shows how to cut costs and cut deals that will help you grow.

Your Job: The revolution in the workplace means that you have to think of yourself as a brand. Murray shows how to compete and excel.

Personal Finance: Your father said avoid credit cards, but he never saw rates of 3.9 percent! Murray shows how you can turn the tables and use the insane competition between credit card companies to your advantage.

Investing: "Professional money manager" is an oxymoron. They don't know much more than you! Murray provides easy-to-use rules that will let you get great returns on your own.

Retirement: Old age isn't what it used to be. Murray explains why the traditional three-legged stool (social security, private pension, personal saving) is rickety -- and what to do about it.

And much more, including websites that can help you navigate the wealth of choices, inside information on where the economy will go next, and a treasure trove of straightforward, concrete advice on thriving in a world where the consumer is king.


January 2022