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The Twisted Cross: Wingman, #5 (Paperback) Mack Maloney

The Twisted Cross: Wingman, #5 (Paperback) Mack Maloney

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The Russians are vanquished, but in Panama, an old enemy is poised to rear its ugly head

A Boeing 727 is making a routine charter flight out of Football City—formerly known as St. Louis—when three F-4 Phantoms appear on its tail and open fire. No match for the lightning-quick Phantoms, the 727’s pilot is about to give up when his assailants explode in mid-air, becoming the latest casualties of Hawk Hunter, the Wingman.

Hunter is the greatest fighter pilot the world has ever known. Most recently, he brought the United States back from the brink of extinction. But a new threat has emerged from the south: An army of neo-Nazis has seized control of the Panama Canal, and they’re armed to the teeth. Their hateful ideology may be decades out of date, but these jackbooted killers have firepower that is state-of-the-art.
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