The Taste of America  / A - 2 (Hardback) Coleman Andrews
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The Taste of America / A - 2 (Hardback) Coleman Andrews

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America is a melting pot, with a palate as diverse as its various cultures. This quality is reflected nowhere better than in our own kitchen pantries. So, what does America taste like?

The Taste of America is the first and only compendium of the best food made in the U.S.A. Here, award-winning food writer and passionate eater Colman Andrews presents 250 of the best regional products from coast to coast, including Humboldt Fog Cheese, Blue Point Oysters, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Whoopie Pies, Meyer Lemons, Kreuz's Sausage, Anson Mill Grits, and more. Divided into chapters according to food type - snacks, dairy, condiments, meat, baked goods, and desserts - this anthology of edible Americana reveals each product's unique history. The Taste of America features 125 color illustrations, as well as an extensive index that details how to purchase these beloved foods.