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The Spanish Plot (Paperback) Leah Sokol

The Spanish Plot (Paperback) Leah Sokol

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First in our ''You Choose'' series of interactive adventure novels for young adults! Which path should you choose? You are a Jewish child living in Toledo, in the kingdom of Castile, in 1492. Your mother is nurse to the grandson of Don Abarbanel, a wise Jewish scholar and the financial advisor to Queen Isabella. Today, you are in charge of the little boy. But as you walk him through the Jewish quarter, a strange man approaches you. What do you do? No, really. What do you do? In The Spanish Plot, you, the reader, are the main character -- and you make the decisions. Your choices might lead you into the royal castle or on the long road out of Spain. You might uncover a sinister plot and save the day ... or you might end up in the castle dungeon! Choose wisely ... NINE different endings!



July 2023

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