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The Seventh Galaxy Reader (hardcover) Frederik Pohl

The Seventh Galaxy Reader (hardcover) Frederik Pohl

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Book Club hardcover with dustjacket, 1964. Reprints the Doubleday 1st edition. Stories from the magazine, 1960-1963. Introduction by the editor, and: “For Love” (1962) by Algis Budrys; “Come Into My Cellar” (1962) by Ray Bradbury; “The Tail-Tied Kings” (1962) by Avram Davidson; “Crime Machine” (1961) by Robert Bloch; “Return Engagement” (1961) by Lester del Rey; “Earthmen Bearing Gifts” (1960) by Fredric Brown; “Rainbird” (1961) by R. A. Lafferty; “Three Portraits and a Prayer” (1962) by Frederik Pohl; “Something Bright” (1960) by Zenna Henderson; “On the Gem Planet [Casher O'Neill]” (1963) by Cordwainer Smith; “The Deep Down Dragon” (1961) by Judith Merril; “The King of the City” (1961) by Keith Laumer; “The Beat Cluster” (1961) by Fritz Leiber; “An Old Fashioned Bird Christmas” (1961) by Margaret St. Clair; “The Big Pat Boom” (1963) by Damon Knight.


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