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The Seven Secrets: Unlocking Genuine Greatness (Hardcover) John Hagee

The Seven Secrets: Unlocking Genuine Greatness (Hardcover) John Hagee

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Let SUCCESS Describe your POTENTIAL!

You can achieve your potential and enjoy life in the process! Best-selling author and pastor John Hagee explains how you can dream big, move to the next level, and experience more fulfillment. Gleaned from decades of successful living, these insights will challenge you to become proactive in your personal and professional life.

In this helpful handbook for living well and wisely, you will learn how to:

* Identify the true meaning of success. * Follow the right goals. * Submit to divine authority. * Break free from circumstances. * Give life your all. * Use attitude, perseverance, self-esteem, self- mastery, communication, prosperity, and prayer to lead you into success.

Are you seeking practical advice for family matters, trying to communicate your thoughts and feelings, or searching for better business methods?

Take the mystery out of life.

Use these keys to unlock the secrets of success, and start living the life that God designed for you.


September 2022

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