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The Sacred Romance Workbook and Journal (Paperback) John Eldredge

The Sacred Romance Workbook and Journal (Paperback) John Eldredge

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Do you long to recover your heart? To hear the Lord wooing you with untamed love, inviting you to a life of wonder and adventure? The Sacred Romance Workbook and Journal can help you unearth your heart and reveal God as the Author of a magnificent story? One in which you play an important part. Through this book, you will:

  • Realize that the life you've created for yourself may be far too safe and too formulaic compared to the drama God desires for you.
  • Relinquish the pain of inner wounds and enable yourself to more fully embrace the Romancer's love.
  • Understand how Satan tries to distract you from God's "larger story" and discover strategies you can use to defeat him.
  • Abide in the Lover and let Him give you dep, supernatural security that's not dependent on external circumstances.
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