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The Princess Adelina (Hardcover) Julie Sutter

The Princess Adelina (Hardcover) Julie Sutter

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From eighth-century Germany comes the stirring tale of Princess Adelina, a virtuous young woman determined to fulfill God s call on her life. The daughter of an Iona missionary to the German people, Adelina s world is turned upside-down when a young pagan ruler, Hedan of Thuringia, falls in love with her and commands that she become his bride. As a wedding gift, Hedan promises Adelina that he will allow Christians within Thuringia to worship and evangelize freely, spreading the Gospel among his people. But Hedan s mother, Geila, hates both Adelina and Christianity, stopping at nothing to subvert her daughter-in-law and stamp out the fledgling German Culdee church.



November 2022

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