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The Power of Miracles (Hardcover) Joan Wester Anderson

The Power of Miracles (Hardcover) Joan Wester Anderson

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"What an awesome time to be alive and to see how God can turn difficulties into shining moments of hope and glory!

As Joan Wester Anderson's beloved angel books so movingly testify, a great proliferation of miracles has blessed many people in our time. Today, with the millennium only a heartbeat away, accounts of people who have been touched by the hand of God or one of God's angels are more abundant than ever before.

In this book Anderson has gathered the most glorious and remarkable of these accounts--stories of mysterious rescue, celestial visions, unexpected healings, inexplicable protection, and many other signs and wonders. Mysterious forces save a mountain climber lost in a blizzard. In God's service, an illiterate carpenter finds himself able to read. A band of angels saves a little girl from her violent father. An eloquent preacher, his vocal chords rendered useless by scar tissue, suddenly--in the presence of a large congregation--regains his full voice.

Dozens of wonderful, true stories of God's presence in our lives light up these pages, shedding blessings of comfort and renewed faith on everyone who reads them.

June 2023

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