The Oracle (paperback) Ellen Gunderson Traylor
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The Oracle (paperback) Ellen Gunderson Traylor

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FOUR RABBIS EMBARK ON A HOLY MISSION WITH AN UNHOLY ALLIANCE IN HOT PURSUIT. BOTH GROUPS WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO OBTAIN THE ORACLE, A DEVICE BELIEVED POWERFUL ENOUGH TO READ THE MIND OF GOD. Zachary Cohen is under protective custody in New York as he attempts to absorb the startling truth that he is the designated High Priest of Israel. One of his primary concerns is that he is a Christian. Can he fulfill the Temple Consortium's call to lead the Temple Movement and yet remain true to Messiah Yeshua? The rabbis set out to procure the ancient Temple relics that Zachary will need to fulfill his destiny, enlisting the help of their American archaeologist friend, Professor David Roth Meyer. The group circles the globe on an international "scavenger hunt" to locate the holy artifacts. In another adventure that threatens to have global consequences, David Roth Meyer's quest leads from America to Israel, Jordan, Rome, and beyond, as he seeks ancient artifacts hidden from their rightful owners by a grisly assassination, and international intrigue. But, for David Roth Meyer, "disenchanted seeker of lost things," this quest will lead to more than he had dreamed...the ultimate answer to all his soul's yearnings.


February 2022