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The Miracles: Understanding What Jesus Did (Paperback) Gary Inrig

The Miracles: Understanding What Jesus Did (Paperback) Gary Inrig

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Miracles. Unless you've actually witnessed one, it may be hard to believe that they exist. Yet we have eyewitness accounts from the Bible of thirty-five miracles that occurred at the hand of Jesus, with the mention that there were countless more never recorded.

Jesus's miracles are central to understanding who He is because they are inextricably woven into His life and ministry. From faith-based Christians to hardcore skeptics, all will gain insights into the evidence of Jesus's miracles and why He performed them. You will clearly see that Jesus's acts of supernatural power were purposeful and were marks of His majesty and revealers of His person. Citing Scripture and other supporting sources, Gary Inrig creatively walks you through fourteen biblical miracles to assure you not only that Jesus was a successful miracle worker but that He is exactly who He claimed to be.




May 2023

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