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The Keys (hardcover) Frank Wilem

The Keys (hardcover) Frank Wilem

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Ever considered just getting into the car and heading to parts unknown? Most people have--few actually do. Quint not only considers ditching his cheating wife and dead-end job for a tropical escape, he does it--and heads for the Keys.

After finishing two tours of duty as a Navy SEAL, Quint had longed for an ordinary life away from death and brutality. However, his post-service American dream becomes nothing more than a deep sleep, and he finds himself longing for a sense of purpose, a mission. He begins his new life tamely enough--as a charter boat captain in pursuit of the legal limits for his clients. But soon events converge to thrust Quint into a race to find the world's most valuable treasure while extracting himself from a shipwreck, rogue naval forces, and from the pursuit of a vile cadre of pirates and thieves, who are also committed to snatching the treasure from the grasp of ancient history or from anyone who gets in their way.

This fast-paced adventure starts in Mississippi then moves to the Keys. Soon Quint finds himself in Cay Sal looking for a lost Spanish galleon bearing the secret to an even bigger treasure. This leads him to South America where he searches for the most valuable and unusual treasure in the history of the world. It could also be the most dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Join Quint and Dawson in the adventure of their lives.

May 2022

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