The Joy of Following Jesus (Paperback) J. Oswald Sanders
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The Joy of Following Jesus (Paperback) J. Oswald Sanders

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The terms Christian and disciple should be synonymous. But they're not. Today, one may be regarded as a Christian even if he or she demonstrates few, if any, signs of discipleship. The message Jesus proclaimed was a call to faith with obedience. He doesn't want us to simply believe His teachings- He wants us to live them. If you are a Christian who wants to be a true disciple, The Joy of Following Jesus is for you. Beloved author J. Oswald Sanders outlines the standards and underlying principles of discipleship. Each fast-moving chapter is packed with Scripture references establishing the essential elements of a disciple's life-style. Mr. Sanders spotlights twenty of those elements, including the disciple's partnership with the Holy Spirit, commitment to prayer and spiritual health, relationship to others, and the disciple's relationship to Christ. J. Oswald Sanders says, "It is one thing to master the biblical principles of discipleship, but quite another to transfer those principles into shoe leather." His insights and encouragements will challenge you to do just that. J. Oswald Sanders, who served as consulting director of Overseas Missionary Fellowship, was involved in an international preaching ministry. He received the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his devotional and theological writing. In 1992 he passed into the presence of the Jesus he loved and followed.


December 2021