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The Homecoming (paperback) Ruth Livingston Hill

The Homecoming (paperback) Ruth Livingston Hill

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As a young girl, Jan Nielson faced a tug-of-war between two worlds. Her widowed father was determined to raise his daughter on his own in a dirty, yellow-brick boarding house in Chester--while a hard-hearted, rich aunt coveted the small child and desired to bring her up in the finest of culture, amidst the wealth of Oak Hill.

For 16 years, John Nielson and Jan happily shared their simple home. Then one day through a series of tragic circumstances, Jan finds she must leave her beloved father and seek the protection of Oak Hill...and Aunt Myra.

Caught up in the luxurious social events and the growing romance of Oak Hill, Jan's visits home come less often, until a crisis forces her to choose. Can the love and faith of the men who stand with her be enough to show her the way?
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