The Greatest Adventures of All Time - X10C (Hardcover) Life Books

The Greatest Adventures of All Time - X10C (Hardcover) Life Books

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LIFE captures all the drama...passion...and excitement of the world's greatest adventures across the centuries - collected in one stunning volume!

Now, for the first time, in one lavishly illustrated heirloom volume, the editors of LIFE have captured the riveting drama and endless fascination of the greatest adventures the world has ever seen. You'll be enthralled by gripping storytelling wedded to stunning art, photography, and richly detailed maps drawn from the archives of the Royal Geographical Society, the Smithsonian, the Bettmann Archive, and the Time Inc. library.

You'll be privileged to journey with Marco Polo along China's Silk Road at the dawn of the 14th century... join Lewis and Clark on their exciting exploration of the American West... and attempt to conquer Everest in 1922 with George Herbert Mallory.

For these legendary men and women, no obstacle was ever too formidable, no endeavor too daunting. Their heroic deeds have shaped our world. Join them all now on their quests for fortune, fame, and the thrill of discovery.