The Go-To Church: Post MegaChurch Growth (Paperback) Bryan Collier
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The Go-To Church: Post MegaChurch Growth (Paperback) Bryan Collier

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Gone are the days when churches could simply sit on the corner and attract passers-by. But people still long for the peace and confidence faith in God provides; every church has the potential to grow. How? By taking the church to the people, becoming a ”Go-To Church” rather than a “Come-Here Church.”

Multi-site church strategy may seem new, but it's as old as the 1st Century. Jesus’ followers didn’t stay in the Upper Room, waiting for nonbelievers to find them. They struck out and went where God led—throughout the world to all people. They created a multi-site church model Using the strategies and guidance of this book, you can customize the mission and ministry of your church to connect with people where they are. You will not only grow your church, but enhance God's Kingdom and accomplish the mission of the Great Commandment.